Made of organic cotton and wool, our Beanies will be your little one's favorite winter piece. As we prioritize their comfort, these Beanies are scratch free, providing the best warm and cozy touch!



Size Guidance (Circumference):

0-3 Months: 13in / 33cm

3-6 Months: 16in / 40cm

6-12 Months: 18in / 45cm

1-3y: 20in / 50cm

3-5y: 21in / 53cm

6-12y: 22in / 55cm

Adult: 24in / 60cm

*Measurements may vary by a few inches due to the natural shift of the wool, making every size a comfortable fit for all ages listed above.


Care Instructions:

Dry clean only. Spots should be treated with cold water and letting it air dry. Please handle carefully as wool can be delicate.

Sky Blue Beanie with Double Pom

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Pompom Color