This wooden teething toy is 2.2" round made of organic wood.

Our pacifier clip has 7" long and its clip is made of organic wood with a 3 air-passage holes for protection against choking, as UE child safety policy requires. They also have a rubber clip inside, to protect your little one's clothes!

Both knits on the teething ring and pacifier clip are made of organic cotton and polyester, making an incredibly soft, strong and scratch free knit work!


Both teething ring and pacifier clip are sold separately in our shop.


Care Instructions:

Beanies, Bows & Pacifier Clips should be spot treated, handwashed only.

As for Blankets & Scarves, should be handwashed as well, but it can be washed in gentle cicle and let it air dry.

Yellow Wooden Teething Ring with Clip

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